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Easy Strawberry Jam

Easy Strawberry Jam

Beautiful Strawberry Jam

Welcome to the Season of Jam making!!! I want to share this old recipe that seems to work every time for me and has been a winner!!! Of course there are so many different techniques out there to making Jam, Jellies, Marmalades or Butters...I can only share one thing with you...FOLLOW the instructions!

There are many types of pectin out there you can use...Sure-Jell is my favorite and I always check the box for the can get "low sugar" as well but don't skimp on the sugar or amounts...your sweet fruit WON'T set up!
Fresh Strawberries

I always try to find jars when they are on SALE because they can get expensive! AND SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, your old ones to use the next year...unless you gift them...Then you only have to buy new lids! Because once you find the right recipe that you will be one Jam making fool!!! I mean I will try them all! Don't forget these do make EXCELLENT Gifts!!!!! Here Goes!!!
Wash all your jars!

Strawberry Jam

 2 quarts strawberries
1 package of powered pectin
1/4 cup lemon juice
7 cups of sugar
1 pat of butter
Yield: about 8 half pints
You can double and triple your batches..just remember you will have more in the pot so you will have to cook a little longer!
Submerge all your lids and rings in HOT simmering water!

Before I start anything with my fruit...I have super cleaned my whole area that I am using for this process...You don't want to loose a batch Fruit from HARD labor due to not sanitary! I make sure that I have all my utensils! A large pot for the water bath, rubber ended tongs to get HOT jars out of the water, a funnel (less mess is the BEST!) and a ladle.  All of your jars run through the dishwasher! A small sauce pot to put your lids and rings in to keep hot, and of course your large pot to make your Jam in! (A little wise word from a wonderful woman that taught me A LOT about canning...Ladies...if your womanly monthly visitor has arrived...NOTHING you put up will set up! SOOO wait another week!)
Add pat of butter to limit foaming!
Simmering strawberries

Wash and crush your strawberries.  Add them to your large sauce pot. combine your strawberries, pectin and lemon juice and bring mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally.  Add your sugar, stirring constantly.  Add your pat of butter ( this will keep the foam down) Return to a rolling boil. Boil hard for 1 minute.  Total cooking time for me seems to be around 30 minutes at a good rolling boil! Just remember to watch and stir...this boils over and you have a horrible mess!!!!Remove from heat, you should skim off any foam off at this time if necessary. (foam won't look pretty in jars) Ladle HOT jam into jars, leaving about 1/4 inch of head space. Adjust your hot two piece caps and put on snug... Process your jars of jam for 10 minutes in a boiling-water canner. You will want at least an inch of water over top of your jars. After 10 minutes remove carefully to a counter, (I put down a towel and turn them upside down to ensure the lids are sealed) Don't move them for 24 hours. Keep your box that your jars came in because you can store them there.  Store in a cool, dry dark place.
Add your lids..ready for water bath

Ladle your HOT jars!

This recipe I used 3 gallons of berries..I made 32 half pints and 4 pints! (4 quarts to a gallon) so make sure you allow for the increase of your ingredients!

Oh and Don't forget to label your box if your making different kind so it will be easy for you to Label at time of Gifting!                                        
Lay upside down for 24 hours!
Cover your jars!

YUMMY Jam......have fun!
Fruit of your labor!



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