Friday, April 11, 2014

Most Amazing Onion Rings

Most Amazing Onion Rings

This is One onion

Don't you just LOVE Onion Rings???  I used to always order these little wonders in the place of french fries when we went for a burger....No more!!! Na just kidding...I still love them especially the ones that we used to eat as teenagers at a local restaurant in Hendersonville N.C.  

Do you remember the basket of heaping ONION RINGS at McGuffy's???? Well that restaurant is no longer open here...but boy they sure were amazing!!! Of course they always had ketchup to dip them in...but if you loved these as much as I did...we used to sprinkle the whole basket with the Parmesan cheese that was on the table!!!! Yummo!!!!

I have to say that I'm not really an expert on Onion Rings but....I do like to try them any chance I get!  Some like there onion rings in BIG but onions with all the yummy batter on them, yep awesome! Some like them piled high like I do, cut thin like shoestrings...where you can pick a bunch up at one time! HaHa! I have made them different ways all I have to say these are MY favorite! Just like when I was a kid!!! Here goes you can make these at home!!!
Slice your onions in thin rings

Onion Rings

1 or 2 Sweet Vidalia Onions 
2 cups of Buttermilk
1 1/2 cups Self rising flour
1/2 cup Self rising cornmeal
1/2 cup Cornstarch
pinch of salt and pepper
dash of Cayenne pepper
vegetable oil for frying
Soak cut onion rings in butter milk

Coat your onions well

First you will want to take the peeling off of your onions.
Slice your onions very thin, try to keep them together so you can separate them into rings! Put your cut onions in a medium dish and cover them in butter milk.  Let them soak for a few minutes while you are mixing the dry ingredients together.  Put your dry ingredients in a dish and mix together.  When your oil is ready for frying, simply take some of your onions that have been soaking  in the butter milk into your coating mixture.  Coat very well using a spoon, drop the onion rings in by the hand full.  You will want to cook these in small batches.  When they are golden brown remove from hot oil with appropriate metal utensil unto a plate covered with paper towels.  Continue cooking the rest of your onion rings in the same matter. You may sprinkle them with salt as they come out...Beware though cause you don't want them too salty! 
Woola!  You have made some amazing onion rings!
Fry in small batches

I told you they were very easy!

Now you can make these to go along your favorite grilled burgers, chicken, on top of an awesome steak, or just have them as an appetizer!  Eat them while they are warm...they are NOT good warmed up!

The things that seem so crazy to fix...end up being amazing!

Blessings..keep on making those amazing Onion Rings..




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