Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mile High Spicy Jalapeno Cheesy Burger

Mile High Spicy Jalapeno Cheesy Burger

Wooohhhh!   Do you remember my last post with my fabulous Onion Rings???  Well I thought I would just capture my burger last night that I piled high with those Onion Rings!!! I told you...Put them on a BURGER!!!

Mile High Spicy Jalapeno Cheesy Burger

You know everyone has there special recipe for how they LOVE a hamburger...One of my favorites is SPICY...lots of Jalapenos...lots of Cheese and Onion rings mounded!  Here goes I'm just going to walk you through how I constructed this little beauty!

Remember these Yummy Onion Rings

Best Spicy Burger

 2 lbs of Ground Chuck hamburger
1 lb ground Turkey
1/2 cup dried bread crumbs
3 Tbs. Worcestershire
1 Tbs. Garlic powder
1 Tbs. Blackening season 
Pinch of salt and pepper
Mild Jalapeno Peppers (sliced and pickled in a jar)
Pepper Jack cheese slices
Great hamburger rolls
Onion Rings!!!

In a bowl, mix together the first 7 ingredients... Mix them well so all the seasonings get in there..I will patty up my burgers and set them on a platter to sit and rest and marinate in those awesome seasonings for a little while before they hit the grill, black iron skillet or what ever you are cooking them on.  When you patty them up use a generous handful of mixture, round them out and stick your finger in the middle like a do-nut..I know this sounds crazy but as they cook...they will cook evenly plus cook faster!!! The hole will close up as it cooks. While your hamburgers start doing there thing... get together your jalapeno peppers and cheese!  Once your burgers have been flipped and ready for cheese...put one slice down on top of your burgers..wait for that to melt a little..Add a handful of Jalapeno peppers to the top of your cheese.  Then carefully add 2 more slices of cheese to your mouthwatering burger.
You are getting close...they are almost done!!!  When cheeses have totally melted then take your burgers off of the heat...let them rest a little to settle the juices. 

Now it is time to construct...

See I told you..You can put the bun on!!! Sorta!!

Actually this is the time that you can of course put your favorite fixings on your buns...condiments..and of course by all means if you want lettuce and tomato...DO IT!! I layer this kind of burger like this...Bun with a little spicy mayo (mayo and cayenne pepper) on both my burger on the already have the special ingredients on your burger so you are almost done...Now carefully if you made those wonderful Onion Rings that I showed you in a previous post...Top them on top of your burger...Like MILE HIGH... At this time my sister "V" would say "ADD THE BARBECUE SAUCE"...if you like it Do IT!!! That is like then a Texas style kinda burger!  Try to put the bun top on!  As you take your first bite the Onion Rings will start to crunch and go down... so you can put this Monster burger in your mouth! Ha Ha!  You will see then that the jalapeno peppers that you so carefully placed in between those slices of cheeses are nestled in for every bite! mouth is watering again just as I describe this fabulous Mile High Spicy Jalapeno Cheesy Burger!!! 

Please take this recipe and twist it with your own fabulous ingredients for your taste buds!

But if you like SPICY, then Try this Baby!!! I always follow a recipe the first time then I make MY changes...Do the same thing..You will LOVE it and you will be creating your own Famous Cheeseburger!

Blessings...Love from the Cast Iron Skillet...


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